Some might say nerd, some might say something with media. In any case, I’ve always had a deep fascination with the intensely dynamic environment we work in.

Since 2006, when I came to Berlin, I’ve worked with several companies and had the chance to experience every area in the field of Digital Marketing: Starting with Direct and Email Marketing, Search Enginge Marketing (SEA and SEO) through establishing content platforms and networks to Affiliate and Display Performance Marketing, where I discovered my passion for Big Data and Data Driven Marketing.
I enjoy being part of a successful and creative team in a multi-cultural work environment, attend to conferences and connect to innovators and leaders of the digital industry.

PubCon Las Vegas
PubCon Las Vegas
SEO Campixx Berlin
SEO Campixx Berlin


    • Budgeting & business planning
    • Team leading
    • Agency & Partner Management
    • Performance Display Advertising
    • SEA & SEO
    • Video Advertising
    • Re-Targeting
    • Data Driven Advertising
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • CRM
    • Social Media & Social Media Advertising
    • Content Management
    Brand & Communications

Furthermore, as a freelancer I’m establishing own web projects and blogs (e.g. and occasionally work as author, lector and translator (German, English, Spanish).